About Me

My name is William Tilden Boland IV and I am currently a student at Virginia Tech pursuing a Business Information Technology within the Pamplin College of Business.

I am an avid music lover, an ameteur cook, technology consumer, and I appreciate the outdoors. Primarily, I play the bass guitar. My infatuation with the instrument started very young when I heard someone playing the classic George Clinton song "We got the Funk."

I am in my Junior year at University and take my studies seriously. I have been a member of the Dean's list from Spring 2016 - Present. Beyond my formal education, I also enjoy learning new ideas, skills, and various trivias that. I am eternally curious and pride myself for always keeping a good book around. Besides my knack for all things tech, I am also involved in exploring the local histories of Virginia towns. I am fascinated by the people of the past and the twists and turns my home state has experienced through the centuries.

Brothers and Cousins

Brothers and Cousins: April 2018

(First Row, Second from right)

About Business IT

The Business IT program, or "BIT", is designed to provide expertise in the development and use of computer systems and quantitative modeling techniques for solving both business problems and making managerial decisions. The degree program especially focuses on the practical application of computing to business problem-solving.

From the Virginia Tech website on the BIT - DSS concentration:

"A decision support system (DSS) is a computer system that typically encompasses mathematical models as well as informational databases and a user interface in order to provide recommended decisions to manager-users. A DSS differs from a traditional information system (IS) or management information system (MIS) in that it not only provides the user with information, databases or reports, as does an IS or MIS, but it also provides answers to user queries, i.e., decisions, through its modeling component. In essence a DSS is a computer system that helps managers make decisions."

About the photos

High School

This picture was taken the month I graduated from St. Christopher's School in Richmond, VA. At St. Chris I had many excellent teachers and mentors that pushed me both in my academics and athletics. I ran Cross-Country and pole vaulted in High School, and was named captain to the former while being named to several all-metro and all-state teams for the latter.

High School

The summer of 2017, I had the great honor of playing in the wedding band for two great friends of mine. The shirt reads "The Andrew and Julie Elmore Expierence." Out of all the times I have publicly performed, this is by far my most cherished memory of the bunch.

High School

For our 2018 spring break a couple friends and I organized a road trip across the country. We went to Denver, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and the Grand Canyon. All in all we drove over 4,000 miles in 9 days. On our drive back we stopped in Winslow, AZ famous for being a lyric in The Eagles' hit "Take it Easy"