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I'm a Business IT student at Virginia Tech. I made this website to post about who I am and what I do. If you are interested in anything, or have comments/suggestions for this site send a message.

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About Me

My name is William Tilden Boland IV and I am currently a student at Virginia Tech pursuing a Business Information Technology within the Pamplin College of Business.

I am an avid music lover, an amateur cook, technology consumer, and I appreciate the outdoors. Primarily, I play the bass guitar. My infatuation with the instrument started very young when I heard someone playing the classic George Clinton song "We got the Funk."

I am in my Junior year at University and take my studies seriously. I have been a member of the Dean's list from Spring 2016 - Present. Beyond my formal education, I also enjoy learning new ideas, skills, and various trivia. I am eternally curious and pride myself for always keeping a good book around. Besides my knack for all things tech, I am also involved in exploring the local histories of Virginia towns. I am fascinated by the people of the past and the twists and turns my home state has experienced through the centuries.

Brothers and Cousins

Brothers and Cousins: April 2018

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Projects/Work experience

Automation Creation Inc.

Dec. 2017 - Present

As an ACI intern, I have led the Gold Drafter fantasy football drafting tool project. With Gold Drafter, I have worked in the .NET Framework as well as working on the frontend with JavaScript and HTML/CSS. I have maintained the source code to prevent issues with updating. I also have added new features like the "Gold Grade," a representation for both users and later, analysts, to track how closely a user follows our drafting algorithm's suggestions. I have also been a point of contact between ACI and a local marketing firm, creating retention rate reports for the marketers and then conversely creating different investment proposals to be reviewed by ACI's founder.

Northrop Grumman

Jun. 2018-Aug. 2018

I am very excited to announce that I will be working with Northrop Grumman's Technology Services in McLean, VA for the 2018 Summer. I will be working within the company learning more about the practical application of my formal education in this internship!

VT Dining Services

Feb. 2016 - Present

As a Student Manager in one of the top ranked college dining programs, it is my job to both lead 30-40 students each night and enforce strict health code regulations to ensure that each meal is both delicious and safe. I am involved in managing every aspect of our student employees from hiring, scheduling, disciplining, and termination if necessary. In this job I have to lead with authority and be exacting in my expectations because the responsibility of keeping thousands of fellow students satisfied and safe largely falls on the student management staff.

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